In the world we live in today diplomats are not the only actors shaping the relations between states and impacting policy decisions. New actors such as NGOs, public institutions but also private companies have gradually gained influence, especially through engaging in lobby activities.

Promoting democracy and democratic values world-wide and maintaining a “war-free world” can only be achieved with the help of well-prepared individuals who possess strong skills in debating and argumentation, lobbying, negotiations, protocol and etiquette. These soft-skills would not be of any use, if these people would not have basic knowledge of international politics or contemporary political international and domestic events.


Students interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy, in the NGO sector or in public institutions have little knowledge about the skills they would need for the job. Moreover, university studies usually provide students mostly with theoretical information and fail to address practical issues.

Solution: The Workshop

The Workshop “Diplomacy and Soft Skills” is meant to provide students interested in becoming future diplomats with a short introduction to diplomacy. Having invited experts to give lectures on issues such as politics and international relations, debate and argumentation, negotiations, lobby and etiquette, our workshop provides students with introductory trainings on these issues. The focus of the workshop is twofold: to equip participants with theoretical information required for a diplomatic career and what skills they need for the job; at the same time, it aims to engage the participants in practical activities where they can make use of the information provided in the theoretical lectures

Duration of the Workshop

The duration of the workshop is 5 days, including 4 nights of accommodation.


Every person/student who is interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy, in the NGO sector or in public institutions is welcomed. Both EU and non-EU citizens can participate in the workshop; there is no discrimination based on citizenship, nationality or gender.

The maximum number of participants is 24.

Required skills for participants

Field of study

Students of Social Science (especially Political Science, International economic relations, International business) are the main target group for this workshop. Participants coming from another field of study must provide proof of their knowledge of international politics and contemporary events in form of a certificate of attendance of any lecture/seminar/workshop/summer-school on these issues.

Both types of participants have to submit their CVs accompanied by a cover letter.


German and English language skills are mandatory since all the trainings will be held either in German or English. Participants must be able to prove their knowledge of at least B2 (CEFR) in both languages.

Tuition fee

All participants have to pay a tuition fee. The tuition fee depends on the package they choose:

  • Pink Floyd - with accommodation in Cluj-Napoca (breakfast, lunch, cocktail party included): 40 € (180 RON)
  • The Beatles - without accommodation in Cluj-Napoca (lunch, cocktail party included): 20 € (90 RON)
  • Led Zeppelin - without accommodation in Cluj-Napoca (no meals included): 15 € (65 RON)

The Pink Floyd package includes:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation in Cluj-Napoca
  • 5 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 3 dinners in Cluj-Napoca + 1 lunch in Turda
  • The Closing Party
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Travel costs to Turda

The Beatles package includes:

  • 3 lunches + 3 dinners in Cluj-Napoca + 1 lunch in Turda
  • The Closing Party
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Travel costs to Turda

The Led Zeppelin package includes:

  • The Closing Party
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Travel costs to Turda


In Cluj-Napoca participants will be accommodated at the University´s Hotel .


In Cluj-Napoca breakfast will be served at the hotel where the participants are accommodated. Lunch and dinner will be taken at a local restaurant.

In Turda lunch will served at the “Ion Rațiu” Guest house.

All meals include 1 bottle of water (300/500ml). No alcohol beverages will be included in the price.

At the Cocktail party food and drinks will be served for all participants, trainers, collaborators and guests (about 50-60 persons).


The contacted trainers are:

  • PD Dr. Mariano Barbato – ZEWI Director, DAAD-Lecturer
  • H.E. Wouter Reijers – Honorary Consul of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cluj Napoca
  • Dr. Marc Stegherr - netPOL – Network for Political Communication
  • Mr. Emil Mesaroș - Director of ARDOR Transilvania
  • Mrs. Pamela Rațiu – Executive director of the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation to Romania
  • Mrs. Mădălina Mocan – Rațiu Center for Democracy
  • Dr. Christian Schuster – Lecturer at the Faculty of European Studies (Cluj Napoca) member of the Senate at Babeș Bolyai University



The Centre for European Studies and International Relations (ZEWI) was founded in December 2011 as an research centre of the Institute for Teaching and Research in German Language (IDLF) at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

Its main objectives are:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary research on European Integration and World Politic issues
  • Building a network of German-speaking researchers in Central and Southern Europe
  • Promoting German as an international academic language
  • Encouraging projects for political education
  • Supporting junior researchers from the German-speaking departments at the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca

ZEWI’s activity is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is a member of NetPOL.

Rotaract Club Cluj Napoca

The organisers benefit from the support of the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and its Faculty of European Studies.


  • Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cluj Napoca
  • Rațiu Center for Democracy
  • NetPOL


  • DAAD-Lecturer, PD Dr. Mariano Barbato
  • Dr. Marc Stegherr
  • Lector Dr. Christian Schuster
  • Asist. Dr. Cristina Bojan

Contact person

Daiana Teodora Popa – head organizer

Phone: +40 746 403 660